2015 Motion Reel

A collection of various animation projects I've created recently on my own and with companies I've been a part of.

Alliance Data

Alliance Data is a leader in marketing, loyalty, and credit solutions. By adding character
and dimension to their logo reveal, I aimed to make the company feel more personable
and accessible.


Jenga Project Photo

Jenga, a game of physical and mental skill, is a loved game common throughout households worldwide. For this project I was tasked with selecting a context that is reflected through the gameplay of Jenga, adding a rule to support that context, and redesigning the blocks to fit with the subject matter. View the detailed PDF here.

Muscle Diary

muscle diary app gif

Before the prevalence of smartphones and digital applications, the most common way that people kept track of workouts and long-term progress was with notebooks. Although applications have eliminated the need to carry a notebook, personal frustrations with cumbersome and unattractive applications led me to design my own solution: Muscle Diary. The goals of this application design were to create a simple user interface that could keep track of workouts and streamline the process of documentation, resulting in a more efficient use of time at the gym.


The idea for this video was to take Cheetos' aggressive packaging and shift the tone of the branding to be more playful. Chester, the mascot, retains his mischievous image although presented in a less devious light.

Design Internship Anxiety

In the autumn of 2012 I traveled across the states interviewing designers at various agencies, asking them questions about the role of interns and their thoughts on design. Upon returning to my final semester at the University of Cincinnati, I began crafting those interviews into this informative video to assist students who had yet to be interns. The result is my "capstone" project, or UC's equivalent of a senior thesis.

Faux Sucre

For the past several years I have been creating music under the name Faux Sucre; this logo and animation were created to be the image I identify with when presenting myself on the web.

Sony Infographic

sony infographic

In early 2011 Sony Computer Entertainment suffered one of the largest data security breaches in history. Personally identifiable information of 77 million registered Playstation Network accounts was stolen by the hackers. The events leading up to the time when Sony announced this were not easily understandable, so this infographic more simply states the facts of that situation. View full PDF here.


In early 2013, I was given the task to choose a children’s story and retell it in a different light within a week. “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” was one of my favorite childhood books, and I thought it quite appropriate to turn the story into a monster movie about the larvae’s insatiable appetite.


My Graphic Communication Design (GRCD) class of 2013 was in need of funding to offset the costs of our senior show, and one of the ideas was to create a kickstarter page. I offered to create a video for the page, hoping to add a tiny bit of depth to our idea on the site. The logo was designed by the branding team for the project.